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Kodiak Nutrition - 1Whey Isolate | 30 Servings

Kodiak Nutrition - 1Whey Isolate | 30 Servings

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Kodiak's 1Whey is scientifically designed to provide 25 grams of clean, pure protein derived solely from 100% Whey Protein Isolate, which research has shown to ignite muscle protein synthesis, promote optimal nitrogen retention, and accelerate muscle growth and repair.


25 Grams Of High-Quality Protein Per Serving

Only 100 Calories

Zero Fat, Sugar, And Lactose

Fast Acting To Support Muscle Repair & Recovery

Delicious Flavours

30 Servings Per Container

Blueberry Crumb Pie:

Calories – 100

Calories from Fat – 0g

Total Fat – 0g

Saturated Fat – 0g

Trans Fat – 0g

Cholesterol – 1mg

Phosphorus – 60mg

Sodium – 20mg

Potassium – 85mg

Total Carbohydrates – <1g

Sugars – 0g

Dietary Fibre – 0g

Protein – 25g

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