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Lead the pack with Alpha Neon Pumped TF non-stim pump pre-workout.

Alpha Neon don’t shy away when it comes to their formulas, and Pumped TF is no different. Styled as an extreme non-stim pump pre-workout, Pumped TF is formulated to bring you endurance, insane muscle pumps and vascularity like you’ve never experienced before.

What is Pumped TF?

Pumped TF is an extreme non-stim pump pre-workout. It contains Stabilised Glycerol Powder, Betaine, L-Taurine, Rednite™ Beet Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Amentopump™. This combination of ingredients has been brought together to boost your nitric oxide production, aid performance, and hydrate your muscles.

What are the benefits of Pumped TF?

With a massive 10g of Stabilised Glycerol Powder along with Rednite™ Beet Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, and Amentopump™, you can expect a massive muscle pump and vascularity like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. The combination of these ingredients boosts nitric oxide production to the next level, shuttling nutrients and water to your muscles, and improving your endurance to the next level. The ingredients included in Pumped TF are thought to directly enhance strength and increase your power output while providing improved muscle pumps.

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