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DNA Sports - Carbon | 30 Servings

DNA Sports - Carbon | 30 Servings

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Carbon is the ultimate intra-workout carb supplement, designed to fuel your sessions and maximise your performance.

Made with a blend of Cluster Dextrin®, Palatinose®, and GlycerSize®, this performance carbohydrate is designed to be the epitome of workout fuel, providing sustained energy and enhancing endurance like never before.


  • Cluster Dextrin®: A highly soluble and easy-to-digest carbohydrate that provides a sustained release of energy, supporting endurance and minimising gastrointestinal distress during intense workouts.
  • Palatinose®: Known for its ability to offer a steady and prolonged energy supply, Palatinose keeps you fuelled for the long haul, optimising performance without spikes and crashes.
  • GlycerSize®: Enhances hydration and nutrient uptake with GlycerSize®, which supports cell volumisation and pumps, aiding in improved performance and recovery.

This product perfectly complements Hydra 1, offering a complete blend of energy and hydration to enhance your performance during sessions.

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