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DNA Sports Thank Pump for That 2.0 | 20/40 Servings

DNA Sports Thank Pump for That 2.0 | 20/40 Servings

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DNA Sports are back with an all new take on Thank Pump, introducing Thank Pump v2!

Now with the addition of CellFlo6™, the new formula will provide you with an even better pump than the original! 

What is CellFlo6™?

CellFlo6™ is an all-natural, high performance green tea extract using a double-extraction process that increases catechins, specifically galloylated procyanidins. These catechins have been studied extensively and are designed to help support:

Cardiovascular Health
Weight Management
Metabolic Health
Oxidative Stress
Muscle Recovery
Immune Health
Energy Endurance

Thank Pump includes a generous 600 mg per 24g serving, one of the highest doses available.

What is GlycerSize™?

Glycerol has been used for several years by athletes in order to achieve enhanced muscle pumps. However, Glycerol powder is unstable and extremely hygroscopic. That’s where GlycerSize ™ comes in, its a more stable form of glycerol powder yielding 65% glycerol content. Even when it’s mixed in a complex formulation, GlycerSize ™ maintains excellent stability. Thank Pump v2.0 contains 2000mg of GlycerSize ™ in a 24g serving.

Combined with Citrulline Malate (10000mg per 24g serving) and 200mg of Pink Himalayan Salt, you can expect some extreme muscle pumps from this product.

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