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Ghost - Size | 30 Servings

Ghost - Size | 30 Servings

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Ghost Lifestyle Size

Are you looking for the ultimate creatine blend formula? Ghost Size contains a clinical dose of creatine, betaine, beta-alanine, epicatechin and AstraGin® to boost your workout so that you can reach your fitness goals faster! Multiple studies have shown that creatine can increase exercise performance, muscle mass and strength as this substance helps muscles produce energy during high-intensity exercise or weight lifting. Additionally, creatine provides the body with several other health benefits, such as protecting against brain diseases. Let’s go back to the benefits for athletes: Naturally found in muscle cells, creatine increases the stores of phosphocreatine, which is a form of stored energy in the cells. Studies have shown that creatine significantly increases strength and muscle mass in both untrained individuals and elite athletes.

  • Clinically dosed 5g creatine per serve.
  • Enhance strength & muscle growth.
  • AstraGin® for maximum absorption & solubility.
  • No artificial flavours or colours.

Betaine in Ghost Size is an amino acid that has several important functions in the body. It acts as an antioxidant and regulator of homocysteine levels plus it protects vascular functions. Supplementing Betaine also has positive effects on nitric oxide levels which increase muscular endurance and provide extra strength plus endurance. Carnosyn® (Beta-Alanine) in Ghost Size is a nonessential amino acid that enhances your performance, boosts training volume, reduces fatigue and benefits overall health. Furthermore, it elevates carnosine levels which reduce the acidity in your muscles during high-intensity and short-duration exercise. Together with many other important ingredients, the formula of Ghost Size is great for those who are looking for a cutting edge muscle builder without artificial colours or flavours!

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