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Ghost - Vegan Protein | 28 Servings

Ghost - Vegan Protein | 28 Servings

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Ghost Lifestyle Vegan Protein 

Get fueled by the pure power of Mother Nature! Regardless of whether you choose this product for ethical or health reasons - the main thing is that you do it! Each and every tub of Vegan Protein by Ghost is full disclosure labelled, making it a unique pioneer in the world of supplements. With 80% of pea protein concentrate, 70% of organic pumpkin protein and 75% of watermelon seed protein, this vegan-friendly powerhouse contains 20+ grams of pure protein per scoop.

  • Trademark full disclosure label.
  • 21g of protein per serve.
  • Soy & gluten free.
  • Combination of 3 plant proteins.

For many people, such as vegans or allergy sufferers, it can be difficult to get enough protein. Protein sourced from peas is a GREAT alternative to animal-based protein. It is a high-quality protein rich in arginine, branched-chain amino acids and iron, making it is a top choice for athletes and bodybuilders on a vegan or dairy-free diet. When paired with resistance training, pea protein can help build strong muscle mass. Organic Pumpkin Protein in Ghost Vegan Protein is high in fibre and protein, plus it delivers valuable nutrients to support a healthy diet. Packed with manganese, antioxidants, zinc, iron, and copper, this type of protein supports muscle growth and repair as well as healthy immune system functions. Last but not least, watermelon seed protein has been added to this formula due to its amazing properties. It is packed with nutrients, easily digested, and most importantly very useful for weight-lifters and fitness enthusiasts. Simply mix Ghost Vegan Protein with water or any beverage of choice and enjoy your vegan protein kick!


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