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Naughty Boy - Iso-9 | 30 Servings

Naughty Boy - Iso-9 | 30 Servings

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NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 is our new Pure 100% Isolate whey protein.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 was created for those of us who favour purity, those of us who favour the low lactose triple-filtered purity that you get from ISO-9. It's lower-than-usual calorie point allows the ability to be adapted into any type of diet, especially for those who want to keep calories low and pure-quality protein high.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 was also created for people who enjoy a smoother thinner style of shake, optimising digestibility, texture and taste. Keeping quality and purity high, whilst keeping fat and carbs low, ISO-9 may be the best thing you can introduce to your diet.

NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 comes in flavours that have been chosen specifically because of the purity and texture of isolate proteins, flavours that suit the smoothness of a pure filtered whey isolate so that we can maintain the commitment to taste that NaughtyBoy®️ is known for. NaughtyBoy® ISO-9 will provide you with super bioavailable protein to supply your muscle with exactly what it needs to perform and recover to the best of your abilities and will continue to impress your taste buds with what we do best.

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